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About Totaram Jewelers

Totaram Jewelers Online is a third generation family run business established in 1901. Totaram Jewelers started their family business in the prime location of Abid Road in Hyderabad city, India. We began with crafting exquisite Minakari Jewelry which was a rage at that time. From their humble beginnings in Minakari, Totaram Jewelers soon adopted an impressive gamut of concepts and designs in jewelry, characteristic of various regions of the country.

Today, Totaram Jewelers Online has built it\'s reputation on its style, quality, service and price. Itis one of USA\'s premier online jewelry store. We offer a full range of gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, vaddanams, bangles, earrings, pendants and more for women, men and children. We also have a magnificent ethnic collection of antique, uncut/ cut diamond, Temple jewelry and precious gem stones including ruby, sapphire and emerald for all occasions and tastes.


We have dedicated client service representatives taking care of our customers\' needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance. Also, to serve our customers better we offer:

Custom Orders 

Customize your jewelry with us- Turn your designs into one-of-a-kind, stunning custom jewelry which we will carefully handcraft for you. From simple alterations with designs on our website, to making a fresh, brand-new piece based on your design - We do it and can make your dream jewelry come alive!


Totaram Jewelers Online has a broad selection of classic and contemporary style jewelry designs. Our focus has always been in providing a wide range of choices for mainstream jewelry customers, who seek excellent value in fine 22K gold jewelry. For this reason,we provide exquisite, unique designs and ensure our jewelry always exceeds our customers\' expectations. Each of our design is distinct with exemplary workmanship.

Quality, Price &Security

Totaram Jewelers Online has an unwavering commitment to quality. In all aspects of our business, quality control is a continuous focus. Most of our 22K gold jewelry is hallmarked with an International export quality 916 KDM stamp to validate the quality and authenticity of gold. A lot of our cut diamond products are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

For the most exquisite and wide selection of jewelry gifts and jewelry gift ideas Totaram Jewelers Online is the place, we guarantee the ultimate quality and service at the most competitive prices and assure our customers the benefits of low cost and dedicated service.