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Clean profits; An introduction to franchise opportunity.

Why invest in the laundry business?

Daily need

It’s a plain and simple fact that everyone needs clean clothes on a daily basis. Hence, return businesses are generated regularly in the laundry business.

Living demand

With the standard of modern living getting more and more sophisticated, consumers need quality laundry services that compliment quality living.

Resilient to recession

No matter how good or bad the economy is, clean clothes are always a necessity of modern living.

Cash term

As the laundry business is dealt in cash terms, business owners are assured that its cash flow is always strong.

Minimum inventory turnover

Unlike other business, inventory factors such as raw materials, stocked materials and expiry date etc are not major concerns.

Why choose Mr.Clean franchise system?

Our experience

More than 230 launderettes implemented, consists of our service centres and other independent launderettes since 1993.

Interior & identity design management

A corporate identity system is specially designed to maintain and manage each franchise’s brand

image coherently and consistently.

Eco friendly waste management

Mr.Clean takes care of environmental concerns by assigning a chemical disposal management company for environmental friendly initiatives.

Our commitments

-  Propriety mark

-  Technology & operation support

-  Planning & budgeting

-  Start up support

-  Marketing

-  Training programme

-  Research & development

-  Centralised supplies

Our customer segmentation

Mr.Clean’s primary target market falls within the middle and higher income consumer group who would appreciate quality laundry services. For the middle and lower income group, selected services and offers will be promoted to encourage the experience.


Mr.Clean is a registered franchisor under the Malaysia Franchise Act 1998. A membership of MFA

(Malaysian Franchise Association). A member of DLI (Drycleaning & Laundry Institute) Completed the 330th Advanced Dry Cleaning Courses held by DLI, International School of Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute in Maryland, USA.

Our positioning

The positioning of Mr.Clean is focused at the middle and upper range of the market where competition is less crowded, coverage of target market is wider and profit margin is higher.

Entry advantage

At the current entry point, franchisee is backed up with years of experience and knowledge from Mr.Clean and thus risk is reduced to shorten exploration period for a more positive business return. What Mr.Clean franchise opportunity offers

Module MC-1  
Description :  
Complete set-up, with Space required :
dry cleaning equipment. approx 1300sqft.
Module MC-2  
Description :  
Basic set-up, without Space required :
dry cleaning equipment. approx 800sqft.
Module MC-3  
Description :  
Collection Centre, without Space required :
equipment. approx 300sqft.

Note :

All module includes laundry equipment, renovation,  POS license and initial inventory stock. Excludes rental & system hardware.

Remark :

Mr.Clean single unit franchise is only available in Malaysia. For regional and master franchise, please contact Franchise department.

Basic terms of franchise agreement

- Rights to use the trademark.

- Franchise fee.

- 5+5. ( initial 5 years + renewal 5 years )

- Initial training programme.

- Royalty fee. ( 8% of monthly gross sales )

  • Initial capital investment: RM158,000 – RM355,000
  • Franchise fee: RM10,000 – RM50,000
  • Royalties: 8% monthly gross sales