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California, Maryland
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Iconic Transportation Business with Corporate Clients

This family owned iconic transportation business offers three major services to corporate clients:

  • Employee Shuttles 
  • Chartered Private/Industrial Tours 
  • Major Event Shuttles. 

With 40+ years of history, this business is well known for superior customer service and trust. They also provided transportation services to consulates and embassies when their officials visited the bay area.

This business comes fully equipped with a significant fleet of buses with GPS tracking and most importantly an experienced team of drivers. It also has an experienced management team in place with sales manager, operations manager who take complete care of sales and daily operations. Revenue is diversified with no one client bringing more than 10% of the revenue. Assets also includes brand name with trademarks and copyright that has strong name recognition which greatly helps generate organic traffic to their newly updated website. 

While transportation industry is under disruption by new tech players such as Uber and Lyft, they primarily focus on direct to consumers. Corporate shuttle is still an untapped market and the relationships are sticky so they are likely to continue in the future.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enter the massive San Francisco bay area market for corporate shuttles as tech companies are increasingly looking for ways to offer employee commute benefits to hire and retain top talent. Huge potential to grow sales by expanding to this growing demand. 

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