Data Provider for Marketing and Sales, SaaS Company

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2 years ago
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Data Provider for Marketing and Sales, SaaS Company

Originally built for an internal sales and marketing team to reach targeted prospects through email and outbound telephone calls.  The system is highly accurate for its target market of 500+ employee companies.  It has since been expanded to include a public facing website.

This business exists in a large and highly fragmented market.  The business currently has email patterns for millions of domains and can find company telephone numbers for virtually all businesses with an online presence.  With some digital marketing expertise applied, can be built into a highly profitable business.

The website doesn't require a significant amount of time to keep it active.  It does need digital marketing efforts to generate revenue.

Current customers have been all inbound and found the website through existing SEO.  With a digital marketing campaign and an outbound sales campaign to SDR teams, the business can grow in a number of different directions.  The site was built with an English speaking customer in mind located anywhere on earth.  It supports the known requirements around SPAM and the sourcing of email addresses online.

This is a pre-revenue startup business and does not yet have any meaningful revenue

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