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About Kerrimo Franchise

Kerrimo is short for Carry Mo (you can carry it). It got its name since it offers an innovative way of enjoying your favorite snacks. Kerrimo allows its customers to eat and drink using a carry-all cup.

Kerrimo provides delicious servings of cheese-flavored fries and a refreshing drink choices of orange juice and iced tea. The option to add hotdog and nugget toppings add sizzle to the treat. The attractive cups are loved by kids of all ages and the kids at heart as well.

Arjolan Premiere Corporation started as one of Kerrimo‘s franchisees. It was in 2011 when it decided to acquire Kerrimo and become the brand’s full-pledged owner. Even if Kerrimo has been in the industry for quite some time, the new management never looked back and continued to expand its market coverage. To date, Kerrimo has over 100 proud branches, including stalls and carts, all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Franchise Products or Services


1. French Fries

·        Cheesy

·        Sour Cream

·        Barbeque

·        Hot BBQ

2. Hotdogs and Nuggets


·        Chicken Strips

·        Mozzarella Sticks

·        Potato Balls

·        Rosti Bites

·        Potato Wedges

·        Potato Side Winders

·        Pastry Loops

·        Mini Cakes


Budget Kerrimo is perfect for a quick merienda or when you’re in a hurry. Comes with fries, and choice of drink.


Regular in size, but twice the fun! Good for sharing with your friends and loved ones! Get yourself a dose of Kerrimo


Celebrate a fun filled merienda with Jumbo sized Kerrimo! Best enjoyed with friends while watching a movie or in a group study.


We brewed something BIG! A bigger, yummier Kerrimo is now available, with more fun to share under the sun!

Franchise Application Process

Franchising Procedure:

a. Secure approval for location

b. Submit Letter of Intent to franchise

c. Submit updated Resume with picture to KERRIMO Head Office

d. Fill up Franchisee Evaluation form with attached requirements

e. Face to face meeting with franchisor

f. Settle Franchise Fee

g. Complete & submit requirements to lessor

h. Sign contract with KERRIMO & pay down payment

i. Store opening &complete franchise payment