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Pennsville, New Jersey
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Growing Environmental Services Company with 30 Year History and Significant Margin Improvements

This growing Environmental Services Company has earned name recognition and respect in the Mid-Atlantic market over its 30-year history and has been named one of the top 250 private companies.  The Company has highly skilled employees and management totaling 55 people.  The Company is housed on 2.25 acres and a 15,000 square foot real estate campus with 55 parking spots.  The Real Estate can be included or excluded during the sale.

Industry trends are favorable due to dramatic growth and development in the geographic areas it serves, thus the company currently can’t keep up with demand for its services which include:

  1. environmental consulting,
  2. demolition, 
  3. asbestos abatement, 
  4. air duct cleaning, 
  5. lead paint abatement, and 
  6.  mold removal.  

Land use federal regulation within the past 2-3 years has created increasing demand as many clients now redevelop buildings instead of building new construction due to a wide range of regulations including water run-off requirements.  There is also much demand for buildings of historic value that can be redeveloped.

In 2018, the Company increased its margins by 2.5x due to demand for its services.  The Company’s ability to win new business has not been affected by the price increases.

Over 30 years, the Company has become an industry expert and leader in industrial compliance with AHERA laws and regulations, and few competitors can match its level of service and care for customers.  Unlike many of its direct competitors, the Company has never been fined and has consistently been compliant with regulations.  Client retention is 95% and consists of a large, diverse base that provides recurring revenue.  

This business will appeal to both larger companies in the industry who want to add incremental revenue through a strong margin product line to their core business, to an individual, or to a financial sponsor interested in buying a growth business.  The Company is an attractive investment with the potential to dramatically increase its profitability.

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