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About RCD Jewelries, INC.

RCD Jewelries, INC. ensures the Quality of its Products and Services. It is our commitment to meet the satisfaction of our customers Locally and in International.

Fine-quality Jewelry at a Reasonable Price

We always keep in mind that prices are an important factor when it comes to sales, due to the current global situation, we manufacture a range of commercial jewelry without sacrificing product quality. This is how we strike the balance between price and quality.

Our Sales and Marketing

Thanks to the easy access of Information and the promising service of the Internet, RCD Jewelries, INC. has chosen the web as its only channel of sales. RCD Jewelries takes care of updating and improving the content of this website in order to ensure that ordering through RCD Jewelries, INC. is as simple as possible.

We are committed to serve you

Showing you our stock and product updates in real time, placing orders at any time of day, with an automated communication system. We believe that with the development of new technologies and the implementation of new ideas, a synergy between technology and jewelry can be achieved, the best is yet to come.