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About Bag O\' Shrimps Franchise

Bag O’ Shrimps anchored itself in Manila with the passionate steerage of couple-owners, Jandrew & Princess Pastoril. Princess, who had spent time in L.A. could not pass the chance to bring a taste of the West back home.

After a ton of tedious research, taste-testing, and a few pounds, the couple opened this “Wharf- in-the-City seafood shack’s doors to the local community.

The laid-back, harbor themed restaurant boasts a mouth-watering menu containing the rich flavors of the sea, all freshly prepared in bold spice-mixes and recipes developed by Princess herself. There is a stricttable-culture observed at Bag O’ Shrimps - eat with your hands. The “hands-on”mess treats you to a one of a kind “hands-off your gadget” experience where you can unplug from the bustle & wind down with friends.

When dining at Bag O’ Shrimps, there really is only one thing to expect - a deliciously messy good time.


·        To provide fresh and mouth-watering menu containing rich flavors of the sea, all freshly prepared in bold spice-mixes that customer surely loves with a strict table-culture observed at Bag O\'Shrimps-eat with your hands.

·        Serve the freshest seafood menu in a harbor-themed-restaurant with a clean and relaxing environment.


By the year 2020, Bag O’ Shrimps will cater to customers nationwide and be the favorite seafood restaurant in the community.

Franchise Inclusions or Package


Site approval

Training for Franchisee and staff

Procurement program

Opening assistance

Research & Development

Operations Manual