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Interactive Video Lead Generation Software Service SF Bay Area

Company seeks Qualified Buyer with Tech Investor background to take this team and service to the next level. To the right buyer with an already existing customer base, this could become and additional $100M / year revenue stream for them within a couple of years.  

The real future of marketing will depend on this video sophistication and it perfectly fits a subscription model. Bay area Office, Software as a Service platform that enables enterprises to leverage multiple videos to create interactive “Lead Generation” with an easy to use online platform that allows you to create and distribute interactive video content while measuring your audience’s engagement levels. 

Leading company with a head-start on the future of intelligent, interactive video. Over $3 Million invested so far in the development of the Company. Has actual Celebrity clients and largest client so far at over 100K for a single client. 

Product integrations with most major CRMs, (like Salesforce and Markéto) most major Social Media platforms (like Facebook and LinkedIn) and is ai / machine learning capable (because of integration with IBM Watson).  

Creative Seller Financing for a Qualified Buyer is open for discussion.  SaaS provides 

  1. captures leads; 
  2. empowers potential buyers to stay engaged and educate themselves; 
  3. delivers real-time analytics of customers who are ready-to-buy; 
  4. ranks leads based on level of engagement; and 
  5. makes the sale within the online system. 

There is current client pipeline and two lucrative patents pending. Company boasts 50+ enterprise customers, with an interactive video presentation, the buyer’s journey is revealed as they navigate through the decision tree and “choose their own pathway of interest”; thereby absorbing only relevant and engaging messages at the right time. On the backend, the buyer’s activities are tracked and then ranked, allowing sales people to pursue only the most qualified leads and bypass the horrors of cold calling completely. 

The beauty of the Company is that the buyers are effectively qualifying themselves and the sales people reap the benefits. Company has proven that buyers prefer this method of sales conversation because they are only exposed to content that is relevant to them and sales people prefer it because they can target buyers who are qualified, educated, and engaged. 

The Company SaaS platform consists of the video player, email campaign tool and the popular analytics dashboard that results in happy sellers and buyers. 

Revenue Model: 

  • The Company platform is currently offered as a premium model, with various tiers of monthly recurring subscriptions ranging from free to $150/month.
  • Custom licensing is available for $25/seat/month. 
  • Enterprise plans are typically in the $24,000/year price range--paid upfront, in full, and automatically renew. 
  • Company has a fully functioning, v3product w/ happy paying customers w/ very limited marketing dollars to date. 
  • 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI (source: eMarketer). With a scalable SaaS model, Company expects ~90% gross margins.  

We have done over $1M total in revenue since launch. Looking for the Leadership with the plan to take this to the next level.

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