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Commissary Equipment for Sale

Urgent Sale!

Take note that for sale in the commissary is the equipment only and not the commissary building. For sale are the following items:


1.Walk-in Freezer Storage (divided into 2 rooms)-₱ 348,320

2.Walk-in Chiller Storage (divided into 2 rooms)-₱ 434,560

3.Preparation Area-₱245,280

4. Marinator - 1 unit, 120kg per loading 220v, 690Hz, single phase motorwith magnetic contactor and thermal Overload relay-₱213,750

5.Braising Pan - 1 unit, stainless steel, gas fired, electronicallycontrolled thermostat, adjustable cooking temperature from 100-450F-₱197,125

6.Jacketed Steam Kettle - Motor: 22v, 60Hz, 3-phase equipped with high pressureburner-₱171,000

7. WCKLVT Brand Kitchen Fire Suppression - 26 liters agent cylinder, MRM Actuator,auto gas valve, manual pull station-₱ 85,000

8.Chicken Meat Processing Counter - stainless steel top plate, sink, leg support,perforated basket, cross braising, bullet footing, angel bar brackets, basketfor washing and brining-₱ 179,675

9.4-layers Slotted Pots and Pan Racks

   a. Rack A: 17,650/ea x 4-₱ 70,600

   b. Rack B: 26, 550/ea x4-₱ 106.200

10. Three(3) Burner - HP/2LP-₱30,000