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Mr. Quickie Franchise

MR. Quickie started in 1981 when Mr. Emiliano R. Caruncho III noticed that a number of shoe cobblers was around in a famous mall way back then. He then discovered the need for highly skilled restorers of shoes and bags. At that time, shoe cobblers were found mainly on the streets or near public markets. They were seen lugging around with their box of tools peddling their shoe repair services to people on the streets. They were the only people then who can repair the shoes.

However, Mr. Caruncho’s main concern was trust and craftsmanship on how to meet the customers’ expectations and to surpass it… can a good craftsmanship gain the respect and trust of the people? And can a simple repairman be trustworthy of repairing an expensive item? These were the uncertainties that Mr. Caruncho encountered. The need for skilled shoemakers was evident and the idea was further reinforced by the existence of shoe repair shops around Asia and in Europe.

The notion of a repair shop with trustworthy staff possessing exceptional shoe repair skills working to extend the life of shoes was developed. It was then when Mr. Caruncho established a Shoes and Bags Hospital. The concept was not new but the idea to professionalize the industry was. A repair shop that you can be trusted with a legacy of good craftsmanship in quick and very accessible way that can be found in one place with one name.

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MQ Horse Hair Brush

MQ Nylon Brush

Rubber Stamp

Gadget Case Holing

Watch & Sandals Strap Holing

Power Cleaner

Front Support

Heel Support

Height Enhancer

High Arch Support

Flat Footed Support

Odor Buster

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