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Portable Solar Tech Smart Phone Cases

This engineering firm specializes in a patented design of portable, alternative solar energy technologies. The Buyer Candidate can purchase controlling interest or the entire Company while retaining existing management.

The Company created Solar Power cases for Samsung and Apple iPhone models up to the 8 series that were distributed in RadioShack, until RadioShack closed the locations. The start-up at that time took a hit and since then have spent their efforts on actively advancing solar performance in a sleek iPhone power case design. This design delivers useful solar energy and fast traditional charging capabilities. The facts are that they work, look fantastic and have an attractive price point with a margin. 

The new and advanced Universal Solar Power Packs charge any device with 5V/9V/12V QC 3.0 (quick charge) and PD (power delivery) charging capabilities in a small pocket-sized design. They provide purposeful energy timely to charge all portable accessory products, enhancing lifestyle and enabling freedom from a plug! These packs provide enough solar power in 1 hour for 2 hours of extended phone use, and can easily extend power to handle any important connections needed till you can plug-in. They are designed for effective solar recovery in minutes and quick traditional input charging; both technologies are designed to minimize wait time!

  • 22% solar efficient
  • Maximum power point tracking for optimization in varying light conditions
  • Solar system power management for battery reception, retention and transfer
  • Special wafer-to-cell processing approach delivers 98% overall efficient power performance
  • Personal limitless energy lifeline combination to connect

The Buyer Candidate can bring industry leadership, capital, and an understanding of sales and marketing to bring this Company to the next level - the technology is complete

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