250 Acre Island Resort in Pulau Mengalum, KK for Sale

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Island Resort in PULAU MENGALUM for Sale

City: Sabah

Country: Malaysia

Currency & Price: MYR $ 711, 865, 410.00 ( MYR $ 711.86541 Mil )

Land : PULAU MENGALUM, SABAH (OE (P) – 01/09)

Mengalum : Mengalum Island situated 35 miles (56 km) North-West of Kota Kinabalu is a remote tropical island paradise surrounded with white sandy
beaches and crystal blue waters.
The waters off Mengalum known for its rich and diverse marine life is a renown deep sea fishing ground and a fishing location for the
annual Sabah International Fishing Tournament, an off-shore fishing competition that promotes the sport and also aims to
encourage conservation of marine resources.

Location : Mengalum Island, Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu

Area : Leasehold 99 Years : 250 ACRES

Location : North West of Kota Kinabalu City Sabah, formerly known as British North Borneo, Malaysia

Current Activity in Mengalum Island :
1 . About 1 unit of small resort open for business .
2 . Price of Property is not covering any legal fees for the sales and purchase (S&P) agreement, memorandum of transfer (MoT) and stamping duties for both S&P and MoT.
3 . Upon completion, it will potential to a stylish offshore island resort
4 . It is sited on a prime location remote to the proposed Kota Kinabalu City Offshore Boulevard on the east


The subject property is situated within the locality of Pulau Mengalum. Geographically, Pulau Mengalum is sited approximately 58.2KM (30.4 nautical miles) due north-west of Kota
Kinabalu City Centre which take apporximately 1 hour speed-boat ride to reach the island from the Sutera Harbour Jetty.

i. The Land & Resort Development ii. Repairs and Maintenance iii. Occupancy

The Land & Resort Development
The main site held under CL 015616878 is irregular shaped on plan containing a certified land area of 10.7 hectares (250.30 acres) more or less.
The physical terrain of the subject site is generally flat and he whole island is fringed on all sides by white sandy beaches. About 50 acres had been developed into a resort known
as Mengalum Resort, improvements and facilities provided within the resort include:
 13 units of challets  1 unit of VIP Guest House
 Jetty cum reception  Dive/ Sea Sport Centre
 Sunset Bar  Restaurant & Canteen
 Souvenir/ Gift Centre

Other ancillary buildings include:
 Site Office cum Administrative Centre
 Site Office & Store
 Maintenance House & Labour Quarters
 2 units of Security Towers & Quarters

Island : Over 1, 000 acres surrounded and / or area with snow white silica beach Sand and blue open sea

Mengalum Island and the Mysterious Anchor
Did you know that Sabah has 392 islands and we are the state having the largest number of islands in Malaysia? There is a beautiful but least-known island just 56 KM north-
west of Kota Kinabalu City . If take a flight flying north, Mengalum, which looks like a donut with irregular circle from the sky. This island is so remote and private that it’s ideal
for nudists to go streaking on the beach .
The surrounding sea of Mengalum Island (Pulau Mengalum) is a popular deep-sea fishing spot, so most anglers know Mengalum. This island is becoming well-known among
tourists too after it opened to public in 2010. (It is officially called 孟加伦岛 in Chinese, but tour agents prefer the more marketable name 环滩岛, which means an island
surrounded by beach)
Departed from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal with two catamaran at 8:30am. The weather was perfect and boats cruised smoothly on the calm sea.
After an hour, the color of seawater turned from navy blue to aqua blue of shallow water. Arrived Mengalum! You will saw a sea turtle swam by our boat and the thriving corals in the sea.

Offer : Offer for sale or acquire of all finite 250 acres of land in an island Development known as Mengalum Island, Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu,

Location : North west of Kota Kinabalu City Sabah, formerly known as British North Borneo, Malaysia

Habitat : There are no natives or local community on the island except of 100 over of species / distinguish birds, constantly visited by a couple of green back
turtles and wide range of tropical fishes and surrounded by lobster lagoon

Soil : Rich in organic and / or enrich black sands, ideal for planting cash crops and other ornamental and flora plants

The resort was developed and operated since 2008.
The Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu approved the proposed development of single storey
chalets resort development vide KK100/06/CR/SPUS.1A to 9A dated 12 September 2007.
The leisure activities provided by Mengalum Tours & Dive Resort Sdn Bhd include:
Day trips excursion PADI Open Water Course Snorkelling Nature Walk
Bird Watching Boat Tour Jet Ski Beach Volleyball
Brief description og the buildings constructed on the site as follows:

Jetty cum Reception Office:
The jetty cum reception area is a single building constructed of timber framework.
The roof id pitched and contained timber trusses support with metal sheets. The floor finishes
is constructed of timber boards.
The wall is of timber board. The floor area is approximately 1, 015 sq.ft.

Site Office cum Administrative Centre
The site ffice cum administrative centre is a single storey building constructed of
timber framework.
The roof is pitched and contained timber trusses support with metal sheets whilst the
ceiling finishes are provided with plywood boards. The floor is constructed of timber stripes.
The external wall is provided with timber boards whilst the internal wall is provided with plywood boards.
The doors are provided with timber flush types and the windows are provided with adjustable
louvred type. At the time of the inspection, the building is being upgraded and used for director accommodation.
The floor finishes are provided with timber stripes except kitchen and toilets which are finished with ceramic tiles. The building accommodation consists of
3 bedroom 1 administrative & living area 2 toilets
1 stationary area 1 kitchen and a verandah.
The approximately main floor area is 818 sq.ft and the ancillary floor area is 200 sq.ft.

Transportation : Kota Kinabalu Ferry and / or Boat Terminal (Local )

Distance : 35.1 nautical miles

Security : Malaysian Naval Patrol and Malaysian Maritime Agency Patrol Path and it is
Consistently monitored or aired by Malaysian Air Force Hercules / Malaysian
Maritime Agency Helicopters

Day tour : Took a day tour with Borneo Adventures (well organised and with friendly staff)
The one hour boat ride was very rough
Lunch simple
Great views and the place full of Chinese and Korean tourists taking selfie

Land : Lease Agriculture Land International
Active and / or On Going Business Resort land area
Non Bumi High Commercial Value land
250 acres

Distance : Approximately 44 km Norh West Kota Kinabalu City

Travel time : Helicopter 15 minutes
Speed Boat 45 minutes

Status : Tanah Agriculture Land asset Zone
Resort Accommodation development on the land
Non Bumpitera Land

Mengalum Island Resort

Established : 2007

Location : At the North West tip toe of the island

Development : The 250 acres has been sub divided into 5 plots of 50 acres per lot and the first plot and / or area of the 50 acres 10% has been established by the resort and the
balance and remaining is still on going with road development and drainage

Reception : 5 stars reception and / or building after the jetty to accommodate
Approximate and calculated 50 guests and above

Recreational : 1 sunset beach lounge cafe development with capacity of 100 guest

Facilities : 1 helicopter concrete / helipad landing
Pedestrian pathway has been established interconnecting each and of the building and / or excitement

Google Map : Lat 6.199 Long 115.592

Asset : Popular as ‘The Maldives of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia’
Nice location, Zone park and tourism.

VIP Guest House
The building is situated a short distance from the jetty. It is constructed with timber structure whilst the roof is pitched and contained timber trusses support with metal sheets.
The floor is constructed of timber stripes and the external walls are of timber boards. The doors are provided with flush types and the windows are of adjustable glass louvred types.
The floor finishes are provided with timber stripes except pantry and toilet which are of ceramic tiles.
The building accommodated with 2 bedrooms 1 living area 1 toilet 1 pantry area and a veranda.
The approximately main floor area is 720 sq.ft and the ancillary floor area is 192 sq.ft.

Site Office & Store
The site office and store is located at the back of the site office cum administrative centre. The site office is a raised floor timber building and the roof is pitched and contained timber trusses support with metal sheets.
The external and internal walls are of timber boards.


  • Neighborhood - Kota Kinabalu , Sabah , North Borneo , Malaysia
  • Living Area - 250 Acres
  • Bedrooms -8
  • Bathrooms - More than 10
  • Kitchens - 1
  • Levels - 1
  • Garage - 1
  • Lot size - 1,000 Acres
  • Square feet - 43, 560,000
  • Year Built - 2008
  • Taxes - Data not available
  • Property Amenities - Mengalum Island 環灘島 Explore the Wonders of Sabah Malaysia Mengalum Island is just under 1,000 acres/ 405 hectares in size and is in the form of an irregular circle. At its widest points, the island’s north-south width is 1.4 miles/ 2.2 kilometers
  • Property Features - Sabah open for ALL base and / or origin of Acquirer or Buyer
  • Reference : https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/01/30/paradise-pulau-mengalum-popular-with-tourists-from-china
    ‘Paradise’ Pulau Mengalum popular with tourists from China
    Date : Monday, 30 Jan 2017
    PETALING JAYA: Known for its sandy white beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, Pulau
    Mengalum is a popular spot for tourists from China.
    While the remote island, situated off the west coast of Sabah, is visited all-year round, the peak
    tourist seasons for the island coincide with the holiday seasons in mainland China. The
    peak periods for tourist arrivals from China are often during Chinese New Year, early
    May, July, August and early October, said a source familiar with the state’s tourism
    Data by the Sabah Tourism Board showed that a total of 343,824 tourists from China visited the
    state from January to November last year.
    The usual mode of transportation to Pulau Mengalum, according to him, was by high-powered
    speed boat and the journey normally took about an hour in good weather. “The weather
    was good when the boat set off from Kota Kinabalu,” added the source.
    On the tourism activities on the island, the source said that most tourists opt for a day trip, but
    there were also chalets on the island to cater to those who wanted to stay overnight.
    “It is a good site for snorkeling,” the source said. A search on the Internet showed a choice of
    day-trip packages organised by various tour companies to Pulau Mengalum.
    The island has been described as a “paradise” by many who have visited it.