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Buy GitHub Accounts

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Buy GitHub Accounts

If you’re a developer, you’re undoubtedly aware of GitHub’s pivotal role in the coding world. It stands as the largest global code repository. Serving as the primary hub for developers to exchange their code and engage in collaborative projects. But, what if you find yourself without a GitHub account?


Moreover, is there a way to buy GitHub accounts to suit your specific needs?

The reasons for wanting to buy GitHub accounts can be diverse. Perhaps you’re embarking on a new project. And must an account with a much following. Or, you might be seeking employment with a GitHub-utilizing company. Necessitating an account with a sterling reputation. Whatever your motive, there are individuals willing to sell their GitHub accounts, should you be interested.

Account Verification:

To ensure that the account is not only active. But also safeguarded from deletion due to violations of GitHub’s terms of service. It’s crucial to verify its authenticity through GitHub’s verification process.

Activity Check:

Assess the user’s profile to gauge their level of activity. An account that has remained dormant for several months may not be a worthwhile investment.


Price Consideration:

Understand that accounts with more followers. And higher activity levels will command a higher price. Carefully weigh the cost against your specific requirements.

If you’re a developer, GitHub is your ultimate destination for code sharing and collaborative project work. But what if you lack a GitHub account or desire to buy one to accessing private repositories? There are various reasons why one might seek to buy a GitHub account. Such as keeping a project’s code private or gaining access to specific repositories.

Fortunately, there are avenues where you can get GitHub accounts to meet your needs. But, it is paramount to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making a buy. As the marketplace is not devoid of potential scams. Ensure you transact with a reputable seller. And after buy, take steps to enhance the account’s security.


Can You Buy GitHub Accounts?

Indeed, there are several methods to buy GitHub accounts. You can find individuals selling them on online forums, or explore social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, some specialized companies focus on selling GitHub accounts.

Before proceeding with a buy, consider your intended use for the account. If your requirements are limited to accessing public repositories, creating a free account suffices. But, if you need access to private repositories or other premium features. You will need to invest in a paid account.

When procuring a GitHub account It’s essential to verify the seller’s reputation and ensure that the account has not been banned by GitHub for terms of service violations. Following the acquisition, take the necessary steps to change the account’s password. And associated email for added security.


Is GitHub Pro Gone?

No, GitHub Pro is still available. GitHub did announce the discontinuation of their free plan, known as GitHub Free. Instead, they introduced new pricing models called GitHub Basic. And GitHub Premium, offering enhanced features to paid users.


Are GitHub Accounts Free?

GitHub accounts are indeed free for both individuals and organizations. But, for businesses, there is the option of the GitHub Business plan, starting at $21 per user per month. This plan grants access to private repositories, support, and other premium features.


Is GitHub Paid?

GitHub offers both free and paid plans for individual users and organizations. The free plan encompasses unlimited public and private repositories. With up to three collaborators per repository, and basic support. The paid plan starts at $7 per month for individual users and $25 per month for organizations. Providing unlimited repositories, collaborators, and premium support.


GitHub Pricing:

GitHub offers a range of pricing options. The basic option is free, granting access to public repositories. To maintain private repositories, a monthly fee is required. Priced at $7 per month for individuals and $9 per month for organizations. An enterprise option is available, starting at $21 per user per month. Offering advanced features, security, and priority support.

If you decide to invest in a paid GitHub account, you gain access to more features. Such as an unlimited number of collaborators for private repositories. Advanced security features, and priority support. GitHub’s pricing is considered reasonable compared to other similar services. And is worth considering for serious developers looking to enhance their development workflows.


GitHub Organization Pricing:

GitHub’s free version is used by developers. But, as projects grow and demand more features, GitHub organizations become invaluable. These paid accounts provide access to essential features:

Private Repositories:

With a paid account, repositories can be set to private. Limiting access to authorized individuals, ideal for projects that must confidentiality.

Unlimited Collaborators:

Unlike the free account. Which restricts you to three collaborators per repository. Paid organization accounts remove this limitation.

Access Control:

Organization accounts offer fine-grained control over access to repositories. And features, particularly valuable for larger teams managing permissions.

Team Management Tools:

Organizations gain access to tools like team chat. And task management, simplifying collaboration on large-scale projects.

Having a GitHub organization account is helpful. Especially for those managing teams of developers. It creates a shared workspace where team members can collaborate on code. Organization accounts also offer certain features not available on personal accounts. Such as the ability to request changes to someone else’s repository. To create an organization account, visit GitHub’s website. Click on the “Create an organization” button, and follow the setup process. Which includes choosing a name and configuring basic settings.


GitHub Private Repository Free:

GitHub is an indispensable tool for developers. Offering robust code hosting and management capabilities. But, one limitation is that by default, all code is public. This can be problematic when working on proprietary or sensitive information. GitHub provides a solution in the form of private repositories. Which are accessible only to authorized users. This allows you to safeguard your code while still benefiting from GitHub’s features.

Notably, the creation of private repositories on GitHub is free. This article offers guidance on creating private repositories on GitHub to maintain code confidentiality. It also provides tips on using private repositories for your projects.


GitHub Free:

GitHub is a recognized code repository, facilitating code sharing and collaborative project development among developers. The best part is that GitHub is entirely free to use, making it accessible to a broad audience. With no subscription fees or paywalls. GitHub enables anyone to create an account and start code sharing.

GitHub offers many features to developers. Including issue and bug tracking, seamless integrations with various development tool. And a robust community to offer help when you encounter challenges. If you’re a developer seeking an efficient platform for code sharing and collaboration, GitHub is an indispensable tool. Don’t hesitate – create your GitHub account today!


GitHub Pro:

If you’re a professional developer, chances are you’re already utilizing GitHub for your coding endeavors. In such a case, it’s recommended to consider upgrading to GitHub Pro. GitHub Pro is the premium version of GitHub, offering all the features of the regular version along with valuable extras. Making the monthly subscription fee well worth the investment.

Key advantages of GitHub Pro include unlimited private repositories. Providing a significant boost in repository capacity compared to the free account. Which is limited to just three private repositories. Additionally, GitHub Pro offers advanced security features, exceeding the basic protections provided in free accounts. Such as two-factor authentication and encrypted communications. With GitHub Pro, you gain further protection. Including data loss prevention and compliance monitoring. One of the standout benefits of GitHub Pro is priority support from the GitHub team, ensuring prompt help with any issues or inquiries.

For professional developers who heavily rely on GitHub for their work. Upgrading to GitHub Pro is a no-brainer decision, given the enhanced repository capacity. Advanced security, and priority support offered by this premium version.


GitHub Private Repository Limit:

If you’re a developer using GitHub to manage your code repositories for personal projects. You might be curious about the limit on private repositories. Currently, GitHub’s free accounts are restricted to a largest of three private repositories. If your needs surpass this limitation, upgrading to a paid GitHub account is the solution.

Apart from the increased repository limit, paid GitHub accounts offer a range of more benefits. Such as access to unlimited collaborators. And premium features like GitHub Pages and GitHub Actions. Thus, if your work entails private projects and you’re bumping up against the repository limit. It may be a prudent decision to upgrade to a paid account. Or, you can consider making your repositories public. Aligning with the open-source philosophy embraced by the developer community.


If you’re a developer, GitHub is an indispensable platform for code hosting and collaboration. It empowers you to share and collaborate on code effortlessly. If you’re exploring the possibility of selling GitHub accounts. It’s important to note that GitHub offers two distinct account types: personal and organization. Personal accounts are free, offering unlimited public repositories. While organization accounts come with a monthly fee and enable private repositories. So, when selling GitHub accounts. It’s crucial to communicate the type of account and the included features clearly. 

It’s worth emphasizing that GitHub does not have an official mechanism for selling accounts on its platform. But, third-party websites and services can help such transactions, with eBay being one popular option. It’s essential to exercise due diligence, ensuring that you only engage with reputable sources to cut risks. And adhere to GitHub’s terms of service.

If you want to more information just contact now.

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Telegram: @PvaSells
Skype: PvaSells
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