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The firm\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s primary product is a fuel saving and Anti Pollution Control Device for all type of engine. The descriptions of these component parts are classified top secret by the inventor, and cannot be identified.

Additional component parts are manufactured for the domestic and international automotive industry. These components are sold directly to the motorist users.

SPEEDPOWER is a unique combustion enhancement technology which serves as a retrofit device for internal combustion engine.

A device to enhance combustion efficiency of an internal combustion engine. It helps the engine to burn fossil fuel completely thus eliminating harmful carbon emissions. It enhances engine performance via process of chemical reaction.

Through this process, moisture or the humidity on the atmospheric air will be converted into hydrogen vapor thus producing a heterogeneous catalyst which can be used as fuel modifier to attain total combustion of fuel on motor vehicles. Another variant of SPEEDPOWER which is the SuperSPEEDPOWER can be used as propellant especially for high performance engines.


We have completed the prototype and field test on various vehicles. We are ready to focus on intellectual properties protection, safety certification and manufacturing of the fuel saving device. A great product without safety certification is never complete and reliable. We have put all our resources into the research, design and prototyping, now we really need your help to make the fuel saving device a marketable product.

In addition, we need to pay the tooling and setup cost for mass production which makes the unit cost down to a profitable level. Our goal is USD 500,000 which is necessary to make these happen. Our team has previous experience in manufacturing the fuel saving device assembly and have already established a relationship with suppliers. Once we get the funding, the manufacturing process will be a breeze.


60 % of the profit on a pro-rata basis to the Investor;

40 % of the profit to the Investment Manager.

But, we have some conditions:

1. We can manage and control the project 100%

2. We must report (progress, finance, management, etc.) to investor periodically


No Scammer and African People

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